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Just a quick little song a wrote. I though I'd try using some bass growls as well.

Part of Me

My first song with any kind of real vocal. Well, sort of real haha. I used a free vocal synth I found. Hopefully you can kind of understand the words. In case you can't, here's the lyrics:

I feel it written on my heart
but I just don't know where to start
Why do I feel so dead inside
All I want's to feel alive
Where is this life I am searching for
Why can't I find what I can't ignore

And as I fall and stumble
I feel the pain take hold of me
And as my world just crumbles
I'll try to hold this memory
If I could just get closer
or find myself so far away
I think (hoped) I would know better
How to repair this part of me

My hope is fading
Why won't this feeling go away
Despite the reason
I'm caught between my love and pain
Each time I wander
The way the warmth tears at my heart
Why can't I find what I can't deny

Older Music

Before I was known as Ataraxia

Fantasy Rough Intro

The intro for a song I'm working on. :]

Push Through

My first completed full-length track. :] I decided to just push through and get a track completed, as I was encouraged to do by Graham Cochrane ( I have the tendancy to stop when I get tired of hearing the same parts over and over as I refine them, but I'm going to start finishing at least the song stucture and arrangement from here on out. This is also the first song I've done with vocals of any kind. The samples were from Aiva's free vocal pack.

Ambient Guitar

I wanted to be able to get a clean, warm ambient guitar tone, so I played around with micing, cable routing, and delay and reverb settings in my small home studio, and finally got this. I love playing stuff like this. Enjoy.

Freeminer Soundtrack Demo

I've been talking with the devs over at Freeminer (a free Minecraft alternative in development) about creating a soundtrack for them. I made this as a demo to see if they liked this sound. I kind of doubt I'll use this track, but I liked the warm sound and unique rhythm I got. The synth I used for everything except the drums was a free one called UHE Podolski. And yeah, this was made to sound a bit like the Minecraft soundtrack.

Metalcore Sound Sketch

I wanted to have a metal song to practice mixing with, so I just threw this one together. I know the guitar parts are really sloppy; I didn't practice much and did it in a couple quick takes. My main focus was using the skill and resources I had at the time to get the most powerful metal-core full-band sound I could. The lead, rhythm, and bass guitars are recorded, while the drums were a free VST called MT Power Drum Kit 2. It's by far the best free acoustic drum VST I've found.

A Call To Valor

An orchestral track produced in Linux Multi-Media Studio. It's kind of like a free FruityLoops.

Dubstep Sound Sketch

This is a track I made a while back when I wanted to try something dubstep-ish. The beginning is supposed to sound like and old record and fade into a clean sound. Also, the part in the middle where it changes was supposed to stay like that and not get thinner over time like it does. That just happened when I exported, and I couldn't figure out what was causing it. It was produced in Linux Multi-Media Studio (kind of like free FruityLoops).